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Basement Finishing

Basement Finishing

A finished basement offers your family and guests several benefits:

Value - The return on investment, is greater than any other home project, so the homes resale value is increased immediately.

Flexibility - The design and personal tastes of your new basement finish is completely up to you. Unlike the main floor level, you have the opportunity to custom design your new space, room layout and colors.

Entertainment/Guests - Finishing a basement provides great entertainment; it's where many families choose to hang out and enjoy quality family time and relaxation. The space can also be used to create a separate bathroom, living room or kitchenwhich can provide guests a more enjoyable stay.

Comfort/Organization - A well-insulated basement is commonly the coolest place in your home during the summer and the warmest in the winter. Our technologies, specialized products, creative plan designs and over 15 years of experience can transform your space to a comfortable environment while providing significant storage options.

Detached Garages

Adding a detached garage to your property offers many benefits:

Workshop - A detached garage can provide an excellent place for a workshop. This is perfect for the car enthusiast, carpenter, or artist in the family to let loose and focus on their passion away from the everyday household activity.

Customization - A detached garage offers more freedom for your desired look and feel without the worry to match the existing home structure and have it look out of place. Our team can help design the perfect fit for you and your needs.

Additional Living Space - The extra space the garage provides is not limited to cars and storage. It can provide additional living space for a growing family, guests, or even your in-laws.

Home Office - Sick of a long commute? Your new or existing detached garage is ideal for a home office. It offers all the same benefits of being at the office while staying in the comfort of your own property. Keep the worries of home life at a distance and enjoy your short walk to work.

Detached Garages


Decks & Deck Covers/Patios & Pergolas

Adding a deck or patio would be a perfect addition to your home. The final product would provide the following benefits:

Ideal Outdoor Space for Entertaining Guests - Adding a deck or patio is great for outdoor entertainment space. They can be the perfect place to host family dinners, neighborhood gatherings or barbecues with friends. On sunny days or starry nights, outdoor living areas are an extension of your home.

Increased Home Value - Outdoor living areas are sought-after features for potential homebuyers. Adding outdoor living areas can increase the value and desirability of your home in case you ever decided to sell.

Aesthetic Appeal - With so many styles and designs to choose from, decks and patios add visual appeal to your home. By choosing to complement the existing architecture of your home or creating a private backyard oasis, the sky is the limit.

Cost Effective - Decks and patios are one of the most cost-effective home improvements that you can do. Price will always depend on size and the materials that you choose. However, it is certainly less expensive than adding on an addition to your home.

Whether you choose a low maintenance composite deck or a decorative stamped concrete patio with a rustic pergola, we can fit your budget and style.

Siding & Windows

Replacing old windows and siding offers many benefits:

Enhance Beauty - Increase curb appeal by replacing your siding and windows. New siding and windows offer you the chance to change the look of your home or rehab a visibly worn or damaged exterior.

Peace of Mind - When new windows and siding are installed together, it allows for proper installation of moisture barrier and flashing to help prevent damaging water intrusion and air leaks.

Increased Value - Not only do you have the potential to increase your property value with new siding and windows, but you should also see a difference in your heating and cooling costs.


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